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Madre Tierra Massage 1

A combination of massage techniques from around the World giving you the best of each.
One hour _ full body $ 25
30 minutes _ back only $ 15

Sports Massage

Sports massage increases blood flow and the lymphatic circulation of the athlete while reducing pain and regulating muscle tone. After physical exercise, it accelerates recovery and helps your relaxation and releases stress.
One hour _ Full body $ 30
30 minutes _ back only $ 20

Madre Tierra Massage 2

Treat yourself like a king or queen. The experience of two skilled therapist give your body the best massage imaginable.
One hour _ Full body $ 45
30 minutes _ back only $ 35

Foot Massage

“When your shoes are comfortable you forget about your feet.”
Reflexology punt pressure on reflex points in the foot to relieve tension.
30 minutes $ 15

Hot stone massage

The geothermal therapy combines massage therapy with the use of hot stones, placing then on the chakras, permitting energy to flow properly.
One hour - full body _ $ 30

Head-cranium and facial massage

Benefits: It It activates circulation and oxygenation in these areas to relieve accumulated tension, migraine, headaches and all of the problems that this entails.

30 minutes ... 15$



Massages in Banos
Body massages and foot massages with different techniques from around the world.
Treatments like baths, facial, manicure, pedicure, exfoliation, geotherapy, etc..
Different combinations of massages and treatments like facial, manicure, etc..