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0 Luis A. Martinez y Th. Halflants (a lado de Blah Blah) - Baños
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Treatments and Therapies

Magic Hug with Magic Mud

Give your life more years and your years more life. Detoxify and clean your body with warm clay from “The Valley of Longevity”.
One hour _ full body $ 25

Natural Facials

Feel the caress of nature
45 minutes $ 15
Manicure $10
Pedicure $12
It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and mail polish
Approximate time 45 minutes

Jacuzzi / Baths

Rose cares bath
Warm water, rose petals, and candle light a romantic experience.
Includes hot tea,coffee or mineral water
One person 45 minutes $ 20
Couples 45 minutes $ 30

Cleopatra’s bath
Warm water jets with fresh milk and coconut essence to soften your skin.
Includes hot tea, coffee or mineral water
One person 45 minutes $ 20
Couples 45 minutes $ 30

Jacuzzi, aromatherapy, and babbles
A romantic moment in candle light wrapped in aroma
Includes hot tea, coffee or mineral water
One person 45 minute $ 20
Couples 45 minute $ 25


Benefits: It stimulates the senses, moisturizes, nourishes, and gives elasticity to the skin, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, is relaxing and produces a general welfare.
One hour _Full body $ 25


Remove dead skin and toxins while rejuvenating, cleaning and softening with a combination of ash, honey and minerals salts followed by a relaxing rain shower.
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Benefits: Helps detox your body and relieve internal heat, in case of muscle inflammation.
Combination of mud and steam bath
Duration (1 ½ hour) $ 20

Steam Bath

Benefits: Helps detoxify, reduce inflammation and is excellent for blood circulation. Includes: Face scrub or mask application, plant extracts and pineapple juice
Duration 45 (minutes) $ 10.00

Massages in Banos
Body massages and foot massages with different techniques from around the world.
Treatments like steam baths, facial, manicure, pedicure, exfoliation, geotherapy, etc..
Different combinations of massages and treatments like facial, manicure, etc..