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0 Luis A. Martinez y Th. Halflants - Baños
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Welcome to Huellas Natural Spa in Baños

A health center where you will encounter the Huellas (footprints) of ancient massage techniques and body work therapies. Return to a time when spiritual health and well-being were a natural priority.

We focus on utilizing the products available from our loving Mother Earth gives us after day. Colorful fruits and flowers, as well as sounds, aromas and tastes. Everything is encompassed in a circle of passion and respect we put into our service. After your treatment enjoy a delicious tea or mineral water.

Huellas Natural Spa in Baños invites you to be part of the magical power of this experience. We are one of the first Spa´s in Banos.

You can pay by credit card like Visa, Master or Diners.

Massages in Banos
Body massages and foot massages with different techniques from around the world.
Treatments like baths, facial, manicure, pedicure, exfoliation, geotherapy, etc..
Different combinations of massages and treatments like facial, manicure, etc..